The Disco Biscuits Senor Boombox - Vinyl

The Disco Biscuits

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The Disco Biscuits: Jon Gutwillig (vocals, guitar); Aron Magner (vocals, keyboard, programming); Marc Brownstein (vocals, bass); Sam Altman (drums).
Additional personnel: Jeanie Tracy, Larry Batiste, Rachel Loshak, Elsa Cleland, Z, Elizabeth Miser (vocals); Karl Perazzo (percussion); Matt Stein (programming).
Cannonball Horns: Joe Cohen (alto & tenor saxophones); David Chachere (trumpet); Adam Theis (trombone).
Stalwarts of the jam band scene the Disco Biscuits turn in a typically eclectic and ambitious effort with 2002's SENOR BOOMBOX. Liberally mixing disco and rock, with undercurrents of blues, island rhythms, and prog rock, it's all underpinned by the band's penchant for electronic experimentation. For every disorienting stylistic hairpin turn, there's also a satisfying section of heavy groove, making SENOR BOOMBOX a fun album to freak out to on the dance floor. Throughout, the Disco Biscuits stretch out plenty, showing off the instrumental prowess for which these jam band monsters are rightfully known.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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