The Beatles Help! (180 Gram Vinyl, Remastered, Reissue) - Vinyl

The Beatles


The Beatles: John Lennon (vocals, guitar, electric piano); Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass); George Harrison (vocals, guitar); Ringo Starr (vocals, drums).
Additional personnel: George Martin (piano).
HELP was the last Beatles album to feature a cover version (Larry Williams's "Dizzy Miss Lizzie"), and is considered a turning point in the quality of their songwriting. Like the previous album's "Im a Loser," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was Lennon's nod to the influence of Bob Dylan. McCartney's gift for melody was obvious in "I've Just Seen A Face." And Harrison's songwriting contributions grew to two tracks.
Instrumentally, "Ticket To Ride"'s off-beat rhythm was Ringo's masterpiece, while the string quartet in the huge hit "Yesterday" was unusual for a rock band at that time; it was the start of a stellar series of McCartney ballads with strings ("Eleanor Rigby," "She's Leaving Home").

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock

1.1 Help!
1.2 The Night Before
1.3 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
1.4 I Need You
1.5 Another Girl
1.6 You're Going to Lose That Girl
1.7 Ticket to Ride
1.8 Act Naturally
1.9 It's Only Love
1.10 You Like Me Too Much
1.11 Tell Me What You See
1.12 I've Just Seen a Face
1.13 Yesterday
1.14 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

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