Slayer LIVE UNDEAD - Vinyl



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Arriving hot on the heels of the success of Slayer's debut SHOW NO MERCY, this seven-song live release features five tracks from that album, one from the HAUNTING THE CHAPEL three-song EP and another non-album track, "Aggressive Perfector." The heavy sound espoused on the band's debut translates nicely to the stage, and the band proves that it can deliver the goods, with Tom Araya's screams in fine form. With little exception, the songs here pretty much follow the arrangements of their studio counterparts, but they are imbued with the same energy and menace that made the recorded originals so appealing. Considering it would be years before the thrashing foursome would release a full-length live album, LIVE UNDEAD is good for hardcore fans seeking more documentation of Slayer's exciting early period.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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