Siouxsie & Banshees Kiss In The Dreamhouse - Vinyl

Siouxsie & Banshees


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After releasing a succession of classic goth recordings that outdid its predecessor both commercially and artistically (JOIN HANDS, KALEIDOSCOPE, JUJU), Siouxse & the Banshees took a bit of a step back with their 1982 release, A KISS IN THE DREAM HOUSE. It's not to say that it isn't a fine record in it's own right, just that it recalls their earlier work rather than being another bold musical step further. Granted Siouxse's fifth studio album overall was a significant one in the band's career, since it was the first album by the Banshees in which she used her voice to its full potential, covering a lot of ground (whether it be ethereal whispering or psychedelic rock vocals). Several career highpoints can be sampled here, namely "Cascade," "Obsession," "Green Fingers," and "Painted Bird." A KISS IN THE DREAM HOUSE continued Siouxse & the Banshees' winning streak.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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