Scientist & Prince Jammy Scientist & Prince Jammy Strike Back! (Black, 180 Gram) - Vinyl

Scientist & Prince Jammy


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  • 1 Storming the Death Star
  • 2 Mission Impossible
  • 3 The Alien Aborts
  • 4 Buck Rogers in the Black Hole
  • 5 The Death of Mr Spock
  • 6 The Princess Takes Her Revenge
  • 7 The Crushing of the Stormtroopers
  • 8 Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
  • 9 The Son of Darth Vader
  • 10 C-3Po + R2-D2 = the Force

Hopeton Overton Brown, better known as Scientist, rose to fame during the 1980s as dub music mixer. He collaborated with the Jamaican mixer and producer Prince Jammy a couple of times, most prominent on their album Scientist & Prince Jammy Strike Back! Scientist was inspired by the science fiction movies and a part of the album breathes the atmosphere of the unknown. But mostly it's the Roots Radics, providing the rhythms, which creating the whole feeling of this Jamaican piece. Sweeping and swooshing with echo's and dubs it's artefact for the style of late '70s early '80s reggae.

  • Format: Vinyl

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