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Rush: Geddy Lee (vocals, synthesizer, bass); Alex Lifeson (acoustic & electric guitars, mandola); Neil Peart (drums, hammered dulcimer).
Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, New York and Reaction Studios, Toronto, Canada from January to March 1996.
In 20-plus years together, Rush has rarely varied from its basic formula--two parts musical chops, one part lyrical smarts, and one more part musical chops. This power trio knows its strengths. Drummer Neil Peart writes intelligent lyrics here about global subjects ranging from the Internet ("Virtuality") to comparative religion ("Totem"). But it keeps coming back to the trio's musical interplay, and Rush's ever-ready willingness to experiment with it. Alex Lifeson adds a nice touch to "Half The World" with a mandola, while Geddy Lee's synthesizer flourishes and off-kilter rhythm on "Time And Motion" are vintage Rush.
The most exciting demonstration of Rush's group synchronicity is on the instrumental "Limbo." It starts with the sounds of clinking chains and a bubbling cauldron, before charging forward--occasionally soaring--on waves of guitar, synth and disembodied voices (including a sample from "The Monster Mash"). This is the sound of an intellectual band smart enough not to take itself too seriously.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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