Prince Sign O' The Times (Limited Edition, Remastered) (2 LP) - Vinyl



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Prince’s iconic album, Sign O’ The Times, has been remastered for the very first time by Prince’s original mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. The new remastered 2LP is being pressed on 180g peach coloured vinyl (for initial run only, then reverting to black vinyl)
Side A Side B
01 Sign O' The Times (2020 Remaster)
02 Play In The Sunshine (2020 Remaster)
03 Housequake (2020 Remaster)
04 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (2020 Remaster)
01 It (2020 Remaster)
02 Starfish And Coffee (2020 Remaster)
03 Slow Love (2020 Remaster)
04 Hot Thing (2020 Remaster)
05 Forever In My Life (2020 Remaster)
Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A Side B
01 U Got The Look (2020 Remaster)
02 If I Was Your Girlfriend (2020 Remaster)
03 Strange Relationship (2020 Remaster)
04 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (2020 Remaster)
01 The Cross (2020 Remaster)
02 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (2020 Remaster)
03 Adore (2020 Remaster)
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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