Mudvayne Lost And Found - Vinyl



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While some of its rap-metal contemporaries deserted the hip-hop half of the equation in favor of concentrating on death metal or neo-grunge, Mudvayne decided to keep the nu-metal torch burning with LOST AND FOUND. A veritable machine of complex rhythmic insanity that would make even Fishbone sit up and take notice, Mudvayne comes roaring out of the gate with a set that is as funky as it is heavy.
Drummer Matt McDonough and bassist Ryan Martinie play as if they are the same person, tossing off impossibly complex lock-step riffs ("Determined," "Just") like most bands hit an open E chord. On "Happy?" and "Fall into Sleep," singer Chad Gray moves from a throat-shredding rasp to sweet melodicism at the drop of a hat, taking angst-filled lyrics to new heights of dark obsession. Luckily, despite the inherent negativity of Gray's words, the seemingly boundless energy and impressive musicianship of LOST AND FOUND make for an uplifting listening experience.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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