Muddy Waters More Real Folk Blues - Vinyl

Muddy Waters

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Performers include: Muddy Waters (vocals, guitar); Jimmy Rogers (guitar); Little Walter (harmonica); Big Crawford (bass); Elgin Edmunds (drums).
Recorded in Chicago betwee 1948-1952. Originally released on Chess (1511). Includes liner notes by Paul Williams and Chris Morris.
Muddy Waters is a pivotal figure in American music. Waters was among the first--if not THE first--musicians to electrify the blues, transforming a previously acoustic form in a way that would change popular music in the world forever. He retained the chilling rawness of the blues, but amplified instruments gave Muddy and company the juice to make them wail, and be heard over the rowdiest bar crowds. His sound influenced--and continues to impact--several generations of blues and rock performers, not the least of which were the Rolling Stones, who named themselves after a Waters tune. The early recordings collected here present the genesis of the country-to-city blues. From the bare-bones electrified country blues "Whiskey Blues" and "Too Young to Know" (the later features dark, chilling Delta-styled guitar from Waters) to the stomping, entrancing full-band "She's Alright," one can hear the roots of modern blues, without any slickness or polish. And if you listen real close, you can hear the strange, far-off rumblings of a sound that would someday be rock & roll. Oh yes, the wrenching harmonica of fellow blues great Little Walter can be heard as well.

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