Minutemen Ballot Result (2 Lp's) - Vinyl



Originally issued as a 2 LP set.
The double-length BALLOT RESULT is very much in keeping with the Minutemen's democratic ideals. The ballot in question was included in the classic DOUBLE NICKELS ON THE DIME. Fans were asked to vote for their favorite Minutemen tracks, which were to be compiled on a double-live record. Sadly, d. Boon's death in 1985 meant that the project was scuttled for a few years until bass player Mike Watt oversaw the record's release in 1987.
Although there are some studio recordings here, BALLOT RESULT is mostly a showcase for the group's incendiary live performances. Live, the Minutemen were a fierce, tight unit, with the oversize, bellowing d. fronting the band with the energy of a bucking bronco. These recordings show the results of the band's constant touring during the early to mid-'80s: They were tight enough to plow through their nimble, funk-inflected rock but loose enough to make it sound easy. From the all-out fury of "King of the Hill" and "This is Ain't No Picnic" to the haunting spoken-word "History Lesson Pt.2," a look back at the band's punk heroes, this is a valuable document of the group in all its live glory.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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