Mazzy Star Still - Vinyl

Mazzy Star


After taking 17 years between albums, the time after the release of 2013 Seasons of Your Day found the reticent duo Mazzy Star at the center of a veritable whirlwind of activity. First, a single in 2014, then the Still EP a mere four years later. Much like with Seasons, the record finds their hushed, glacially beautiful sound trapped in amber. Hope Sandoval's gentle vocals haven't aged, David Roback still tosses off canyon psych guitar licks like afterthoughts, and as always, the songs sneak into the subconscious realm of the listener and take up residence like paisley-clad squatters. The three songs show off different aspects of the group's sound and the alternate, violently psychedelic take of "So Tonight That I Might See" from the 1993 album of the same name is a trippy look back at the past through a slightly altered lens. The opening "Quiet, the Winter Harbour" is a piano-led, '50s pop-influenced ballad that hypnotizes with its stark stillness and Sandoval's tender crooning, "That Way Again" is a very Mazzy Star-sounding waltz that whispers as it sways and features some fiery guitar soloing from Roback. The song was previously spotted in the band's set list in the late '90s and the decision to bring it back to life was a good one. The remaining song, "Still" is the slightest of the bunch, but conjures up magic with just a strummed acoustic guitar, a little violin whine, and Sandoval's dark intonations. The EP is classic Mazzy Star, showing none of the ravages of time one might expect and still making beautiful music that weaves a spell that's hard to break. Sandoval and Roback can't seem to shake the effects, and after just a few seconds of the first song, around the time Sandoval's voice comes in, the listener will find the old familiar Mazzy Star feeling taking hold once again, just as bewitchingly strong as ever. ~ Tim Sendra

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock

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