Mac DeMarco Here Comes The Cowboy Demos [LP] - Vinyl

Mac DeMarco


Overview: Mac DeMarco’s Here Comes The Cowboy Demos is a brand new collection of demo versions of album tracks from Here Comes The Cowboy. Released to all partners via Mac’s Record Label on April 17, Here Comes The Cowboy Demos is the companion piece to Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos, the Record Store Day exclusive featuring previously unheard compositions recorded during the Here Comes The Cowboy sessions. Available on vinyl August 28th.

Track Listing 1.Here Comes The Cowboy [Demo], 2.Nobody [Demo], 3.Finally Alone [Demo], 4.Little Dogs March [Demo], 5.Preoccupied [Demo], 6.Choo Choo [Demo], 7.K [Demo] 1.Heart To Heart [Demo], 2.Hey Cowgirl [Demo], 3.On The Square [Demo], 4.All Of Our Yesterdays [Demo], 5.Skyless Moon [Demo], 6.Baby Bye Bye [Demo], 7.The Cattleman's Prayer [Demo]
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock

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