John Mclaughlin DEVOTION - Vinyl

John Mclaughlin

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Personnel: John McLaughlin (guitar); Larry Young (Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond B3 organ); Billy Rich (bass); Buddy Miles (drums, percussion).
Includes liner notes by Greg Marriner.
McLaughlin made this classic solo album during his tenure with Tony Williams's Lifetime. The instrumentation and personnel on DEVOTION relect the psychedelic influence of Jimi Hendrix, with whom McLaughlin jammed during this period.
Some of McLaughlin's most fervent recorded solos are on this album, while Larry Young's roaring Hammond organ work gives each tune a swirling presence (his solo on "Devotion" is a standout). Billy Rich and Buddy Miles (late of the Electric Flag) round out the group and provide a no-nonsense, rock-solid backbeat.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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