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Frou Frou: Imogen Heap (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, drums, programming); Guy Sigsworth (gutiar, piano, synthesizer, drums, programming).
Additional personnel includes: Iona Petcu-Colan (violin); Dair Malloy (glass harmonica, handbells, waterphone); Jon Hassell (trumpet); Elad Elharar (bass); Mich Gerber (bowed double bass); Makoto Sakamoto (drums).
What do you get when you combine a producer/electronics whiz who's worked with Madonna, Bjork, and Seal, and a distinctive, charming female singer? Judging from the results of Frou Frou's debut album details, you get a duo capable of combining complex, arresting sonic vistas with very organic, intimate vocals to fine effect. From the dreamy, hypnotic quality of the opening track "Let Go" to the airy, Beth Orton-like "Hear Me Out," Guy Sigsworth consistently manages to find just the right setting for Imogen Heap's up-close vocal style. Whether Sigsworth is employing delicate ambient textures, gentle trip-hop beats, or near-techno dance arrangements, he's perfectly in tune with both the mood of the song and the breathy-but-confident delivery of Heap. There's an audible air of artistic simpatico between the two that runs throughout DETAILS and makes the whole thing work.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock

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