Deep Sea Diver Impossible Weight [Sunburst Orange LP] - Vinyl

Deep Sea Diver


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DEEP SEA DIVER / IMPOSSIBLE WEIGHT The third full-length from Deep Sea Diver, Impossible Weight is a work of sublime highs and mesmerizing lows, it's restless intensity both unsettling and transcendent. Co-produced by bandleader Jessica Dobson and Andy D. Park, the album's lush textures and mercurial arrangements reveal the limitless imagination of Dobson's guitar work (which she's previously shown in playing lead guitar for Beck and The Shins) and fully illuminates the power of her vocals. Indie Exclusive Sunburst Orange LP.

  • 1 Shattering the Hourglass
  • 2 Lights Out
  • 3 Wishing
  • 4 Impossible Weight
  • 5 Switchblade
  • 6 Hurricane
  • 7 Eyes Are Red (Don't Be Afraid)
  • 8 People Come People Go
  • 9 Lightning Bolts
  • 10 Run Away with Me
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock

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