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Concrete Blonde

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Concrete Blonde: Johnette Napolitano (vocals, guitar, bass); James Andrew Mankey (guitar, bass); Harry Rushakoff (drums).
This debut remains a stunning representation of the band's musical heart. CONCRETE BLONDE has two very distinct approaches that find a way to coexist. One is a straight-ahead punkish abandon with dry-sounding drums ("Your Haunted Head" and "Still In Hollywood") while the other features more involved production; drums wet with effects and layers of harmony vocals ("True" and "Song For Kim"). While the overall production of CONCRETE BLONDE places the album squarely in the mid-'80s, the strength of vocalist/bassist Johnette Napolitano's songwriting and emotionally driven vocals makes it timeless for fans of the band. The band's lovely cover of George Harrison's "Beware Of Darkness" was the first of many songs the band dyed "Blonde."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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