Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On, On Your Own (Gate) (Reis) - Vinyl

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Peter Hayes, Robert Turner (vocals, guitar, bass); Nick Jago (drums, percussion).
On their second album, the perpetually dark-clad Black Rebel Motorcycle Club offers another set of feedback-drenched songs. Though the band still wears its Jesus & Mary Chain influence on its leather sleeves, TAKE THEM ON, ON YOUR OWN reveals a refined sound that hints at other musical forebears. The opening track, "Stop," rocks like a latter-day Oasis tune, while "We're All in Love" is carried along by a slinky Stones-like riff. Although wide-screen, Ride-inspired epics are no longer the order of the day for the brooding lads of BRMC, their renewed focus is evident on TAKE's furiously concise anthems. Just to mix things up a bit, the Rebels add a vaguely political tone to a number of tracks and even bust out the acoustic guitars on "And I'm Aching." In a pleasant surprise, the trio saves some of its finest songs, such as "Suddenly" and "Rise or Fall," for the end, rounding out their solid sophomore outing.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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