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Arrested Development


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Arrested Development: Speech, Headliner, Aerle Taree, Montsho Eshe, Rasa Don, Baba Oje.
Additional personnel: Dionne Farris, Sister Paulette, Cinque (vocals); Brother Larry (guitar); Larry Jackson (saxophone); Ramsey Lewis (keyboards).
Hip-hop found itself at a crossroads in the early '90s. Its pop dominance was now unquestioned, but in order to progress, the genre needed a stylistic and cultural alternative to the shoot-em-up nihilism and vacuous balladry which threatened to stunt its growth. Enter Arrested Development. With 3 YEARS, 5 MONTHS AND 2 DAYS IN THE LIFE OF..., the group gave hip-hop the intellectual and spiritual shot in the arm which it needed, and in the process, brought the genre to a whole new audience. Turning rap's anger into pride, Arrested Development stressed the beauty and richness of the African and, more specifically, the African-American tradition. Never blindly optimistic, but ever hopeful, 3 YEARS preached self-empowerment and awareness, holding an unflattering mirror up to certain destructive aspects of society.
The album spawned several pop hits, including "Mr. Wendel," a smart, touching portrayal of homelessness. Group leader Speech forgoes the threats and crotch-grabbing so prevalent in rap at the time to espouse positivity and growth in such lessons in humanity as "Tennessee." In the busy, insightful "People Everyday," Speech takes on the narrow-mindedness and violence inherent in his own culture.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop

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